Beach Wedding Ceremony

  • Winda & Dean

    If you have set your heart on getting married on the beach you will need to plan carefully to make your day as perfect as you imagine.
    Sinderella Wedding Planner will have private beaches to get married on so you can get privacy. Also we will have facilities. - such as shade, drinks etc which will make the ceremony go smooth for everyone.

  • Oleg & Annastasia

    Sinderella Wedding will never disappoint Russian lovers, both Oleg and Anatasia are Russian tourists that came to Pattaya on their own and wanted to set up their wedding ceremony on Pattaya beach with privacy. A trend that is very popular today, the bride and groom share that very romantic moment on the beach. Very different from the tradition of past weddings and a great alternative. Beach weddings are the dream of the bride and the groom that want to create a romantic environment to preserve those beautiful memories with the beach, wind and the sea as your witness. Lovers dream of that important time of their wedding to have natural surroundings with a clear sky, blue sea and white sand which is very romantic but far less than the much higher budget of a wedding ceremony in a building or hotel. ...

  • Ian & Sevda


  • Olga & Andrey